Expanded metal and wire mesh

We are experts in making products out of metal mesh and possess solid know-how of tool design and manufacture. We would like to join our customers right at the beginning of the process, in order to contribute with suggestions on how to construct and manufacture the product in a cost-efficient way, and yet achieving the right quality for the intended purpose.


Metal filters, pipes and shields

Through our own manufacture and our cooperation partners, we can deliver industrial and other filters completely made out of metal. They are primarily used in different applications with higher durability and temperature requirements.

Furthermore, we can roll-form various tubes and cylinders in expanded metal in our profile line. For smaller volumes, we use circular bending machines and subsequent roll welding. Expanded metal is well suited also for different types of air intake shields or as protective gear for machines.


Filter cloth combined with plastic

It is also possible to combine metal mesh or filter cloth with plastic. Typical applications include different fuel filters, HVAC filters, air filters, condensate filters and medical filters.


Sales of base materials

We sell expanded metal and wire mesh in rolls and plates, in large volumes. Generally, the required minimum order is 100 square meters. Please contact us for further information.